Welcome to the FirstMUN 2019 site.
Here we will explain something about MUN so that you can learn what we do at our conference.
MUN stands for Model United Nations. During an MUN we simulate the real United Nations and debate about relevant and actual issues. For example, about the oppression of minorities, the refugee crisis etcetera. Every pupil attending will, together with another pupil, represent a country and will have to represent their country’s opinion on the issue. All pupils attending will be addressed with ‘The delegate of…’. Together all the delegates who represent the same country, will form a delegation.
Everyone will be divided into committees. Every committee has a different theme and thus a different issue.  Depending on the MUN and the duration of the MUN, you will have one to three issues per committee. There are a few standard committees, such as the General Assemblies and the Security Council, we however do not include a Security Council because this committee is for Experienced delegates. Before the committees will go into session, the delegates will, together with their chairs and tutors, prepare general information about their country’s opinion on the issue. At FirstMUN we do all our research at the conference so that beginning delegates don't have to prepare for FirstMUN.
Because the delegates don’t know each other, they will learn how to work together and meet new people along the way. During the MUN they will, hopefully, improve their English speaking skills, their debating skills and will become more confident with speaking in front of an audience.
We hope to see you in December!
The Organising Committee of FirstMUN 2019