This year's FirstMUN is all about innovation. It is critical for the development of third world countries to be involved with the newest innovations. However, this has proven to be more difficult than simply organizing cooperation between countries, providing education or even being financially stable. To be truly innovative the world will have to think beyond borders, ethnic groups, gender and social origin. Innovation is worth pursuing, not only for personal gain, but for the prosperity of all. Mankind discovers new wonders every day, which could have the opportunity to improve the world. And we need those innovations, to prevent disasters from happening, to help the disadvantaged reclaim their rights, and to improve life for everyone around the globe. 


General assembly 1

Inventing and embedding innovative ways to prevent the illegal weapons industry from prospering.

General assembly 3

Contriving innovative ways to decrease the social and financial differences between people and societies.

Economic and social council

Creating equal opportunities by introducing new means of transportation and logistics in order to improve wealth.

Commission on sustainable development

Facilitating knowledge transfer for sustainable development.

Human rights council

Implementing new technologies in educational facilities.

United Nations environment programme

Promoting the need of sustainable development to raise awareness of our ecological footprint