Privacy policy


In order to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR or AVG in Dutch) we needed to created a new system to store your data safely. Here we will explain a bit about its workings.


After you or your school signed you up you can create an account where you can enter your data safely and securely. We ensure that the collected data from the portal doesn’t end up in the wrong hands, and even if we do use your data, we promise that we will do so securely and responsibly.

 Who wil get your info?

The only people that can acces your data are the people that actually need your info in order to be able to organise a functioning conference. For example: Only the people in charge of providing housing for you and the people that provide food will get to see your allergies. What would the person in charge of finances want to do with your allergies anyway?

Why do i need to share my info anyway?

We don’t want your data to sell it to the government. We need it to make this conference streamlined and trouble-free for you and everyone. ‘But why would I need to give my mobile phone number?’ you ask.
Your phone number is optional to share and will not be unnecessarily shared during or after our conference, just like the rest of your data won’t be unnecessarily shared. We use your phone number so that the housing we provide has the possibility to contact you in case of questions or just to make first contact.

Why do I need to go through all this just to attend this conference?

The GDPR (or AVG) mandate that all of your data must be handled in a way so that no unnecessary sharing of your data happens. If we would share your data across the entire organising committee this would be considered a data leak and a data leak could have serious consequences for us and our conference. We hope you understand.

The organising committee.